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You’ll get access to all of our amazing features for 14 days. You’ll experience the benefits of repricing instantly, creating tailor-made strategies, and more! Without spending anything, this is the perfect time for you to realize the importance of having a reliable repricer like SellersApps.

You can get started in less than 10 mins. Just sign up for the free trial, connect your Amazon or Walmart account, and create tailor-made strategies for your listings. What makes the process of getting started faster is the software’s feature that lets you export product fields into a CSV file. Once you’ve made the changes in the CSV file, you just need to import the file back in the software and it will automatically do the work for you.

We reprice within 2-5 minutes for users who purchased the premium upgrade. Now if you’re using a basic account then there’s nothing to worry about. SellersApps reprices every 30 minutes for basic user accounts, which is a lot faster than the other repricers that reprices hourly for their basic users.

We offer a monthly plan for our customers that’ll not tie them to any long-term contracts and can cancel anytime. We also have an annual plan for sellers who want to purchase our service for a year and save money by receiving a 10% discount.

No, there are no hidden commissions or fees with SellersApps.

Of course! It has the capacity to win you the Buy Box. The basic plan reprices every 30 minutes, which is a lot faster than the hourly repricing speed of other repricers with a basic plan. In terms of rules and strategy, the basic plan can still give you the flexibility to compete.

You can upgrade to premium at any time for only $50/m per integration.

The one who benefits the most from this is the customers, not the sellers. Amazon’s repricer encourages a race to the bottom and lacks certain features that are essential for your business. It can hurt your business along the way.

You can still win and make a lot of sales with a basic plan, but the premium features will create more results for you.


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