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Connecting Your Walmart Account

  1. Click on the “Settings” icon and then “Integrations” located in the upper right corner.
    • On this page you can add or edit Walmart accounts.
  2. Click on “+ New” button (located on the upper right corner) to add a new Walmart Account.

On this page you will need to fill out the information required. Continue reading below for more guidance.

Connecting your Walmart Account:

  1. Type: Select “Walmart“.
  2. Plan Info: Select your desired plan for billing purposes.
  3. General Info:
    1. Name: Name your integration.
    2. Client ID & Client Secret: How to get Client ID and Secret from Walmart?
  4. Repricing Settings:
    1. Default Strategy (Optional): Set a default repricing strategy and it will be applied to your listings for this integration. (You can always override the default repricing strategy).
    2. Sync Products From Walmart: Enable this option if you would like to automatically import your Walmart listings.
    3. Repricing Active: Enable this option if you would like to have listings repriced for this Amazon account.
  5. FTP Settings: Import your product data automatically every hour such as product cost, shipping cost, min and max, etc..
    1. FTP Template: Click on “Templates” to create and download your FTP file template to use for importing.
  6. Save your integration and you are done.