Knowledge Base

How To Create A Repricing Strategy

  1. Click on the “Strategies” page located in the upper menu.
  2. Here you can edit or create new strategies.
  3. Click on “+ New” to create a new strategy profile.
  4. General:
    1. Name: Chose a name for this strategy profile.
    2. Type: Select the marketplace this strategy will be assigned to.
    3. Enabled: Toggle to enable or disable this strategy.
  5. Price Settings:
    1. Min/Max Prices: Select if you would like to manually input your own min and max price or automatically calculate min and max prices using a custom formula.
    2. Price Behavior: Select how you would like to reprice your listings in different situations.
  6. Rules: You can create as many rules as you need.
    1. Use the help icons next to each field to understand what its for.