Popular Repricing Features

Add Unlimited Marketplaces

Connect as many marketplaces as you need. *Additional fees may apply.

Create Unlimited Strategies

Create unlimited custom repricing strategies, so you can outsmart your competitors with your rules.

Lightning Fast Repricing

This premium feature allows you to have your listings repriced every 2-5 minutes.

View Price Change History Logs

We keep track of each listings price change including date and time.

Advanced Product Filtering
Find quickly what you’re looking fo using our advanced search filters. Filters can be customized upon request.

Bulk Import / Export Product Data

Import / Export your products, reports and any data in bulk using your custom saved templates.

FTP Automation

Automate your file uploads by connecting your FTP and automatically upload item costs, shipping costs, min and max prices, and much more.

Live Notification Alerts

Get informed immediately by our live notification system when something goes wrong or needs your attention.

Add Unlimited User Accounts

Create and manage as many users as you need for your business and assign each user special roles and permissions.

Automatic Force Reprice

If you make any updates or changes to your product data like min / max prices, product cost, etc… and selling prices need to be updated on your listing, Sellers Apps will automatically send updates to your marketplace immediately.

MAP Price Protection

If you sell products that require you follow a Minimum Advertised Pricing then we have you covered making sure that you never sell below MAP.


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Customer Support

We are dedicated to help you solve any concerns or questions that you may have while using our tool.

Easy To Use

Anyone can start using SellersApps. No need to read documentation to learn how to use it. Its that easy!