Repricing Strategies And Rules

1. Create Strategy Profile

Create unlimited strategy profiles. Make as as many as you need. Then assign the strategy profile to listings of your choice.

2. Set Your Repricing Rules

Create unlimited rules in your strategy profile. Make them as complicated or as simple as you need them to be, so you can outsmart your competitors.

3. You're Done!

Sellers Apps will handle the rest. So sit back, relax & watch the magic happen or... you can use your free time to focus on more important things for your business.

Min / Max Price Settings
We offer you multiple ways of setting up your products minimum and maximum prices.

Manually Set Min / Max

You can set your own min and max prices to your products in a few ways. Manually enter it for each product, manually upload a bulk file or set scheduled uploads from an ftp to set your minimum and maximum prices.

Automatically Calculate Min / Max Prices

Setup a formula to automatically calculate and apply min and max prices to your selected products based on product cost, shipping cost and other custom values. You can even enter your desired profit markup (% and/or $).
Oh and create as many formula’s as you need.

Price Boundary Settings
Set your price boundary rules with a few simple clicks.

Rule Settings
You can customize and create as many rules as you need within your strategy profile, each rule with it’s own unique settings.
Build your rules to be as easy or as complicated as you need them to be.

Compete With Specific Offers
You can set to compete with one, two or all three options of sellers who hold the following offer status.

Compete With Amazon / Walmart
Compete or ignore Amazon / Walmart offers.
* Proper marketplace will be displayed when selecting your marketplace in the beginning.

Compete With or Ignore Specific Sellers
Compete with or ignore specific sellers. Great to use if you have multiple accounts and don’t want to compete against yourself.

My Fulfillment Type

This feature is very useful if you want your FBM and FBA listings to compete differently. By creating separate rules for each fulfillment type, you will have more control over each fulfillment type.

Item Condition

This feature provides great control over item condition settings. With over 100 combinations, the possibilities here are limitless.

Reprice Rule Action

In each rule that you create, you will be able to select how you want to reprice against your competitor using the options below.
$ or %


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