5 Quick Walmart Selling Strategies to Boost Sales in 2021



As a seller on Walmart Marketplace, one must always look for strategies that can help boost sales. Once you complete Walmart’s application process (read: how to get approved on walmart marketplace), make sure you follow the best Walmart selling practices to beat the competition. Here, we will discuss the best tips you can incorporate into your Walmart selling strategy. Let’s get started.

1. Provide excellent customer support

Your eCommerce journey begins and ends with your customers. You can only make sales if your customers are happy. So, ensure excellent customer support on your Walmart seller account. Maintain a standard shipping rate of 99 percent or higher, ensure the 90-day seller rating of 90 percent or more, answer at least 60 percent of customer calls, reply to 90 percent of the customer emails in under 24 hours.

2. Use repricing software for competitive pricing

Approach pricing like a solid tactician. How to do that? Use repricing software for Walmart. We highly recommend using SellersApps as this state-of-art repricing tool comes with a free 14-day trial. That is enough to test its unlimited Walmart repricing strategies driven by automation. You can save more than 107 hours per month and increase sales by 82% with SellersApps!

3. Encourage customers to review

Nothing works like word-of-mouth when it comes to boosting sales. This age-old marketing tactic works perfectly well for Walmart. So, encourage customers to leave feedback on the listing. It will improve your ranking and eventually boost sales.

4. Promote your listings

Promote your listing using ‘Clearance’ and ‘Reduced Price’ banners on Walmart. These banners can help get the attention of customers looking for better-than-average deals. You must use them when you have excess inventory or when you want to get rid of seasonal items at the end of the season.

5. Invest in SEO and CRO

Want the Walmart’s Buy Box? Along with using a Walmart repricing tool, you must invest in optimizing your listings for SEO. In short, you must use the most relevant keywords while optimizing the product listings. Here’s what you must do:

  • Use a short and concrete product title
  • Write proper product description
  • Use high-quality images only
  • Focus on product specifications
  • Put the products in the correct category
  • Add clear shipping details

Focus on improving the customer experience on your listing by using the several competitive identifiers Walmart uses to judge sellers. Use them to improve your conversion rate and beat the competition.


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There you have it. We have shared some of the best tips you can use to improve your sales figures on Walmart Marketplace. You must understand that selling on Walmart is entirely different from selling on Amazon and eBay. However, you will get used to Walmart’s rules and regulations in no time. If you are looking for the best repricing tool for Walmart, we highly recommend checking out SellersApps – the easiest and straightforward repricing tool in the market. Start a free 14 Day trial now!

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