6 Easy Steps to Quickly Get Approved on Walmart Marketplace



Walmart marketplace is always bustling with sellers and can be considered successful. As a seller, you might also want to get on with selling on Walmart and make more money. While it is possible, you must know things you should do to get approved on the Walmart marketplace.



  • Start selling on eBay or Amazon

You must have a legitimate eCommerce business before you apply for the Walmart marketplace. It is important because Walmart will ask for your prior experience as a seller on an eCommerce platform. But, why eBay or Amazon? Well, choosing any of these two eCommerce platforms shows that you can play by the rules and deliver a trustworthy customer experience. Besides that, you must apply only when you have your business’s tax information in hand. You will have to provide a business address and other related documentation to prove you are a legitimate business.

  • Provide first-class customer service

You cannot go around this. Walmart expects every seller to follow the customer service requirement like

  • answering emails with a human-generated high-quality response within 48 hours
  • responding to Better Business Bureau or Attorney General inquiries within one hour
  • allowing customers to use phone support in English
  • respond by calling back a customer that left a voicemail within 48 hours
  • only provide a real office contact number that you have shared with Walmart

Answer questions related to customer service representatives carefully while submitting your application.

  • Choose what you sell carefully

Only choose items that sell well and are unique. Most importantly, you must only go ahead with products Walmart can sell, since they regularly eliminate the products from their shelf that underperform. Take a note of Walmart marketplace’s prohibited items as well before you share your line of products.

  • Be good with pricing the products

We highly recommend using Walmart repricing software to achieve a better pricing strategy for the products. These tools not only make it easier to apply on Walmart marketplace but also give your seller account an edge over your competitors. The prices you mention for your products must be competitive with other eCommerce sites selling the same products. Walmart will consider similar items to review pricing in case your products are unique and new to the market.

  • Ensure fast and reliable fulfillment


Don’t waste time searching for reliable fulfillment services when applying for the Walmart marketplace. Just go for Deliverr, Walmart’s official fulfillment partner. It will automatically qualify your products for Walmart’s TwoDay Delivery badge and ease your approval process.

  • Figure out Walmart’s inventory integrations

Lastly, organize your inventory like a pro. Make sure you upload the items quickly after you get approved. Get well-acquainted with Walmart’s inventory integration options to nail your application process. Find out the categories you want to sell in, your annual revenue in the categories you will select, the number of SKUs in each category, and related information.

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Disclaimer: getting through the above steps won’t be easy. Walmart is a competitive online marketplace, and you must look at it like pursuing your dream job. The level of preparation and hard work required to become a seller on the Walmart marketplace is very high. So, make sure you follow the steps we have mentioned above. Loved reading this post? Don’t forget to check out other informative posts on the blog!

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